Smallville Wiki: Chloe Sullivan | Chloe's page at the amazing Smallville Wiki. It has extensive information on Chloe and all her attributes, as well as being the #1 source for Smallville on the web.

The Chloe Sullivan Retrospectives | A completely epic series of videos providing retrospectives on Chloe's character, one for every season of the show. A must watch for any Chloe fan.

Girl Friday | A fan shrine dedicated to Chloe Sullivan and Allison Mack. Although terribly outdated, it's still a wonderful tribute to both amazing women. | Allison Mack's official website. A truly fantastic place; Allison is an amazing, educated, well-written, wise, and talented individual.

Facebook: Allison Mack | Allison Mack's official Facebook profile. Allison often updates with pictures and quotes!

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